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Solutions we offer

For vaccines

ImmunitasBio specializes in design and development of cell-based assays to assess and analyze the immunological functions of vaccines, For e.g., Inactivated, Live-attenuated, Viral-vector, mRNA based, Toxoid vaccines etc.

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For Immuno-Oncology

Immuno-oncological approaches are opening new avenues in curative cancer treatment. ImmunitasBio provides a platform for such therapies that require specific and sensitive bioanalytical methods and customized oncological assays.

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For Custom Assay Development

We specialize in designing and executing the development of novel immunoassays for drugs and biomarkers. This includes identifying the best sources for proprietary reagents and consumables required for bioanalytical assay development, subcontracting parts of the assay development to third parties, and testing at all intermediate stages.

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Our Products

ELISA kits

ImmunitasBio ELISA kits provide all necessary components for convenient quantification of soluble proteins in serum, plasma and animal cell/tissue culture supernatants using assay technology that has been trusted by researchers for nearly 50 years.

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T cell Immunity Test Kit

The research team at ImmunitasBio has innovated a simple blood-based T cell immunity test against COVID-19 in order to bring the utility of T cell immunity to mainstream clinical diagnostics.

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Services we offer

ImmunitasBio specializes in developing and performing research services in the fields of immunology, immunotherapeutic, vaccine research, and immune monitoring using a cutting edge platform.


Flow Cytometry


Virucidal Testing

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